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Rector’s Council


The Rector’s Council, in accordance with the current legal framework set in articles 12 and 14 of Law 4485/4.8.2017, comprises:

The Rector
The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare
The Vice-Rector for Finance, Planning, and Development
The Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs
The Vice-Rector for Research & Lifelong Learning
The representative of the Administrative Staff

The term of office of the Rector’s Council is set until 30/11/2021.

Composition of the Rector’s Council

Nikolaos Katsarakis

for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare  Emmanouil Drakakis
for Finance, Planning, and Development  Thrasyvoulos Manios
for Administrative Affairs  Nektarios Papadogiannis
for Research & Lifelong Learning  Christos Floros

Representatives  of the Administrative Staff  Antonios Pantelakis

The Representatives of the undergraduate and postgraduate students do not participate, as their legal representation has not been submitted by their Associations.


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