Undergraduate studies

Department of Music Technologies and Acoustics

Governing bodies - Administration

The governing bodies of the department are the General Assembly and the Head of the Department.

General Assembly of the Department

The General Assembly of the Department consists of the Department’s tenured professors (members of the Teaching and Research Staff), the representatives of the Students’ Association, a representative from the Laboratory Teaching Staff, and a representative from the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel.

Head of the Department

        Dr. Ilias Potamitis, Professor

        e-mail: potamitis@staff.hmu.gr

        Tel.: 2831021901 & 911

Head of Secretariat

        Nikolaos Goniotakis, Indefinite Time Private Law Employee of the Administrative - Financial Department

        e-mail: ngoniota@hmu.gr

        Tel.: 2831021902

         Fax: 2831021912