The H.M.U.’s Farm constitutes an open laboratory space belonging to the School of Agricultural Science, in which the students carry out their laboratory projects and internships if they so choose.

It covers an area of ​​350 acres and includes vineyards, vegetable and citrus trees, olive groves, plots of land with larger crops, greenhouses, as well as a park with ornamental and aromatic plants. There are also bananas, vegetables, and flowers cultivated in the greenhouses.

The farm’s administrative and technical staff as well as its workforce support and assist with the activities of the School of Agricultural Science laboratories within its jurisdiction, and especially with the outdoor and greenhouse crops of the respective educational or research laboratory groups.

In addition, the H.M.U.’s Farm service manages the open areas planted with ornamental plants as well as the existing plantations.

Scientific Personnel of the Farm

  • Michalis Papailiakis, Agricultural Scientist
  • Giannis Papageorgiou, Agricultural Technician
  • Rena Christoforidou, Agricultural Technician