Department of Music Technology and Acoustics

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The Department of Music Technology and Acoustics was founded in September 1999 and, to this day, remains the only department on the university map of Greece focusing on sound and music technology, as well as the science of acoustics. Both of these scientific fields have developed immensely; however they suffer from an equally immense shortage of specially trained staff, even at this age when developments in all areas of technology are truly rapid.

The Department offers an Undergraduate Study Program as well as a Master’s Program since October 2018, called “Master’s in Sound and Music Technology”. The quality of the education provided has been demonstrated thanks to the external evaluation of the Department carried out by internationally renowned Professors on the subject, and, of course, thanks to the successful career of many of its graduates. In addition, the Department actively contributes to the international academic community in terms of research, showcased by the numerous funded research projects it has undertaken, as well as a plethora of publications in scientific conferences and prestigious journals.

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