Supervisor Guidelines for Master’s thesis

Supervisor Guidelines for Master’s thesis

  1. Introduction

This document is intended for academic staff supervising master thesis in the postgraduate program ‘Informatics & Multimedia’

  1. Responsibilities of the supervisor
    1. Proposing a thesis topic
  • Guide the student to develop an appropriate thesis concept and proposal
  • Discuss expectation and the terms for collaboration with the student
  • Discuss the requirements for a thesis
  • Check and sign the student thesis proposal
  • Advise student on possible examiners
    1. Working with students
  • Evaluate the student's thesis plan
  • Guide the student in all phases of conducting the planned work
  • Provide constructive comments, reviews and directions
  • Suggest appropriate bibliography, archival journal publications and related literatures
  • Oversee experiments and / or technical evaluations
  • Review interim reports and work in progress
  • Define benchmarks and milestones as needed 
    1. Thesis review, examination and approval
  • Determine jointly with the student the official thesis submission date
  • Examine the student's thesis and submit your comments soon enough for the student to be able to make the necessary corrections
  • Notify the academic unit of the examiners selected and the schedule for the thesis submission and examination
  • In collaboration with the student, prepare the oral presentation for the defence
  • Guide the student to prepare for the defence
  • With the student, read the evaluation reports and make constructive suggestion on how to take account of the comments of the examination committee
    1. Submitting the thesis
  • Ensure that a copy of the thesis is sent to all the examiners along with the documents they will have to complete
  • Contact the examiners a few days after sending the thesis to ensure the documents have been received and to determine the examiners' availability for the defence
  • Determine the date of the defence based on the participants' availability and the rules of the Department.
    1. Submission and handling of the examiners’ report
  • The examiners for a master's thesis submit a ‘Thesis Evaluation Report’ to the academic unit (to be defined)
  • The academic unit should forward all the examiners' comments to the student and the thesis supervisor on an anonymous basis.
    1. The day of the defence
  • The thesis supervisor should attend the defence and support the candidate during the deliberations.

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