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Professional Preparation: 
B.Sc. in Physics
M.Sc. Electronics and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Electronics and Computer Engineering (Multimedia Services)
Dr. Athanassios G. Malamos is Associate Professor in the field of Multimedia Services and applications in the Department of Informatics Engineering and head of the Multimedia Laboratory of the Technological Education Institute of Crete.
Since 1994, Dr. Malamos works as senior developer, IT development consultant and researcher in research and development projects. He has participated as Project Manager, researcher or IT development consultant into more than fifty research and development (corporate) projects in co-operation with the Technical University of Crete, Technological Education Institute of Crete, National Technical University of Athens, Hellenic Army, Steficon S.A. (company affiliated to MARFIN Group-Greece), Conceptum S.A. (Greece), K-NET Group S.A. (Financial Software Development - Greece), ICON Computer Graphics L.T.D. (U.K.), Business Exchanges S.A. (company affiliated to EFG Eurobank- Greece).
Research interests include multimedia internet services, virtual reality and graphics in the internet.

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