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Professional Preparation: 
BSc Physics ('83) University of Crete
Msc Computer Science ('85) University of Oklahoma
PhD Computer Science ('91) University of Oklahoma

Research Interests
a) EDA and ESL (electronic system-level design) methodology, languages and tools for system- and network-on-chip design (protocols, routers, interconnects)
b) Parallel, distributed systems architecture and programming
c) Operating systems, especially systems and network programming
d) Serial and parallel discrete-event simulation, probabilistic modeling and testing
e) Real-time systems (developing skills)

Teaching and Research Experience
15+ yrs in industry-driven R&D projects  (Intracom, ISD & ST Microelectronics) in Information and Communication Technologies (1998-)
10+ yrs work in Academic and Research Institutions (USA, France and Germany)

Papadourakis George Professor,

Address: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering, Hellenic Mediterranean University Heraklion, Crete,
P.O Box: 71500
Tel: 2810-379170, Fax: 2810-379717

Tel: 2810-379708, 379776