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Release Student Ticket

The Student Identity Card (passo) is administered to all students enrolled in post-graduate studies. The Bulletin Student Ticket ensures discount on urban and intercity transport, rail and maritime transport in the country as well as discount to museums and cultural events. The Student Ticket sheet is available through the Online Service Acquisition Academic Identity of the Ministry of Education with technical support of the National Research and Technology Network after checking the applications carried out by the Secretariat of the Department at the beginning of the academic year.

Food Services

In the area of ​​TEI, a restaurant and cafeteria are available where one can find at very low prices refreshments, drinks, junk food and regular meals. The students whose families have low annual income, may be entitled a catering card issued by the Office of Student Welfare Foundation.

Insurance - Healthcare

The Care and Social Welfare Department at TEI issues student care booklet to cover Hospital, Medical and Dentistry of uninsured student care, i.e. those not covered by their insurance carrier parents or those who cannot use any existing family booklet of distance.

Career and Entrepreneurship

The Liaison Office is the link between production and education and offers its services to:
Companies, professionals, Organizations, Public Services, Local Services seeking qualified personnel.
Chambers, Federations, Associations etc. to meet the needs of their members to qualified personnel.
Students and post-graduates of TEI Crete who are interested in vocational rehabilitation for further studies, fellowships and training opportunities.
Seniors, to find internship positions. 


At TEI, a Library is available to serve the Foundation's research and teaching purposes and has a wealth of material in a variety of forms (books, magazines, CD-ROM etc.). The Library is open for users, every day from morning until evening throughout the academic year. Students have the right material debt after acquiring membership card, issued by the Library.
In the Library, the Electronic Reading Room also operates, which is a space of 10 computer places, which serves those who wish to learn and use the electronic library material and other sources on the internet. All members of the Foundation have the right to use the Electronic Reading Room.

Free Workshops

Free-use laboratories operate on a 12-hour basis for the training of students and preparing operations and staffed by appropriate personnel to troubleshoot and resolve questions.

International Programs - Educational Exchanges

Within European programs, the TEI postgraduate students may go for a semester in European countries to monitor the courses for the preparation of their thesis or an internship. This transition is in accordance with the procedures of educational exchanges for the respective year. Information and assistance to students are provided by the Office of the Institute of International Relations, in collaboration with the student’s mentor and Committee.

Sports facilities

TEI has a full Gym. Many internal tournaments between schools and TEI groups participate in the National Student Championships or in any other championships.
Students can be trained in the following:
Football, basket ball, volleyball, swimming, water polo, ping pong, sharpshooting, arts’ material, traditional dances, chess etc.

Free Activities

At TEI of Crete, many other activities take place, most of which still exist today, several years after their establishment:
A radio team, a theater group, a chess team, a club motorcyclists, a music Group, an ecology group, a photographic group, a mountaineering club and a film group.

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