Dimitrios Goumas

Department of Agriculture
School of Agriculture
Technological Educational Institute of Crete


Contact Information:
Τel: 2810-379459, 2810-379464
e-mail: dgoumas@staff.teicrete.gr
Dimitrios Goumas is a Professor in the Department of Agriculture, School of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, TEI of Crete. He is an Agronomist with a BSc in Agronomy from the Department of Plant Sciences, Agricultural University of Athens. He holds a DEA postgraduate diploma and a PhD from the Université Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI), France, specialising in Plant Pathology – Bacteriology, with a scholarship from the French Ministry of Research, Technology and Agriculture.
He worked for 17 years as a researcher and Director of the Bacteriology Laboratory of the Heraklion Plant Protection Institute, National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF, now the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “Demeter”). Since 2003 he has been a member of the TEI of Crete teaching and research staff and Scientific Director of the Plant Pathology – Bacteriology Laboratory, the official national reference laboratory for quarantine bacterial plant pathogens in Crete.
His research interests include the diagnosis of plant diseases; epidemiology; the detection, characterisation and identification of plant pathogens, particularly bacteria, using conventional and modern molecular approaches; and their integrated and sustainable management. He has a significant research output, participating as research coordinator or associate in Greek and European competitive projects. He has published many papers in international scientific journals and conferences, and supervised the preparation of PhD dissertations. In the Department of Agriculture, he teaches the undergraduate courses General and Advanced Plant Pathology and Food Microbiology, and the MSc Programme in Applied Science and Technology in Agriculture. He also participates in teaching the postgraduate courses Special Topics in Plant Pathology and Holistic Plant Pest Control Methods.

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Tel: +302810379472
e-mail: mscagro@staff.hmu.gr
Web: www.hmu.gr/mscagro