10th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society, Chania-Greece, June 4 - 7, 2020 | Μεταπτυχιακό Δίπλωμα Ειδίκευσης στη Χρηματοοικονομική Διοίκηση | ΕΛ.ΜΕ.ΠΑ.

10th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society, Chania-Greece, June 4 - 7, 2020

10th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society

Chania-Greece, June 4 - 7, 2020

The 10th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS) is co-organized by the Financial Engineering Laboratory, Technical University of Crete, Greece, the Department of Economics, University of Crete, Greece, and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece, between June 4-7, 2020.
The Conference will be held at the Conference Center of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, which is located 3km from the center of Chania.
The conference theme is "Stability and Risk in Banking and Financial Markets" and covers related topics including but not limited to

  • Accounting and regulation
  • Asset pricing and portfolio valuation
  • Banking and financial Services
  • Capital structure
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Economic policies
  • Energy finance
  • Exchange rates
  • Finance and accounting standards
  • Financial markets and market microstructure
  • Financial regulation and supervision
  • Financial stability
  • Financial engineering
  • Innovation and fintech
  • Insurance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Microfinance and economic development
  • Macroprudential policy
  • Monetary policy and central banking
  • Risk management

Rama Cont, University of Oxford, UK
Luigi Guiso, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Italy
Jean-Charles Rochet, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Michalis Doumpos, Technical University of Crete, Greece
Chrysovalantis Gaganis, University of Crete, Greece
Fotios Pasiouras, Montpellier Business School, France
Chris ADCOCK, SOAS University of London, UK
George BAOURAKIS, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece
Karel BRŮNA, University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic
Barbara CASU, City University of London, UK
Sris CHATTERJEE, Fordham University, USA
Jonathan CROOK, University of Edinburgh, UK
Alex CUKIERMAN, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Manthos DELIS, Montpellier Business School, France
Olivier DE JONGHE, Tillburg University, The Netherlands
Franco FIORDELISI, University of Rome III, Italy
Bill FRANCIS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Emilios GALARIOTIS, Audencia Business School, France
Christophe GERMAIN, Audencia Business School, France
Claudia GIRARDONE, University of Essex, UK
Francisco GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ, University of Oviedo, Spain
Dimitrios GOUNOPOULOS, University of Bath, UK
Kose JOHN, New York University, USA
Iftekhar HASAN, Fordham University, USA
Elena KALOTYCHOU, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyrpus
Manolis KAVUSSANOS, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Kyriaki KOSMIDOU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitrios KOUSENIDIS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Simon KWAN, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, USA
George LELEDAKIS, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
Ana LOZANO-VIVAS, University of Malaga, Spain
Panagiota MAKRYCHORITI, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Nadia MASSOUD, Melbourne Business School, Australia
Loretta MESTER, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, USA
Philip MOLYNEUX, University of Sharjah, UAE
Andrea RESTI, Bocconi University, Italy
Spyros SPYROU, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
Benjamin M. TABAK, FGV/EPPG, Brazil
Sailesh TANNA, Coventry University, UK
Amine TARAZI, University of Limoges, France
David TRIPE, Massey University, New Zealand
Alexia VENTOURI, King’s College London, UK
Paul WACHTEL, New York University, USA
Jon WILLIAMS, Bangor University, UK
John WILSON, University of St Andrews, UK
Eliza WU, The University of Sydney, Australia
Constantin ZOPOUNIDIS, Technical University of Crete, Greece
Selected high quality papers presented at the 2020 FEBS conference will be invited for submission to a special issue that will be published by the Journal of Financial Stability (JFS). The papers must fall within the scope of JFS, that is to provide a forum for rigorous theoretical and empirical macro and micro economic and financial analysis of the causes, management, resolution and preventions of financial crises. All the submissions will be subject to the standard JFS review process.
Papers must be submitted via the online submission system https://febs2020.eventsadmin.com until January 15, 2020. The criteria for selecting papers for the program include the nature of the research topic, the economic implications of the research, and the academic quality of the research design.
The registration fee for the participants includes registration materials, lunches, coffee breaks, and the welcome cocktail. 
Academics and presenters:

  • Early registration (up to March 15, 2020): €400
  • Late registration (March 16 - April 15, 2020): €480

Ph.D. students:

  • Early registration (up to March 15, 2020): €300
  • Late registration (March 16 - April 15, 2020): €360


  • Early registration (up to March 15, 2020): €500
  • Late registration (March 16 - April 15, 2020): €600


  • Early registration (up to March 15, 2020): €200
  • Late registration (March 16 - April 15, 2020): €240

Social events: 

  • Gala dinner: €60
  • Excursion: TBA

June 4, 2020: Welcome cocktail
June 5, 2020: Gala dinner
June 7, 2020: Excursion

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