School of Music and Optoacoustic Technologies

The School of Music and Optoacoustic Technologies of the Hellenic Mediterranean University was established in May 2019 in Rethymno (Government Gazette 70/vol. A/07-05-2019) and includes:

  • The Department of Music Technologies and Acoustics, which has been active in Rethymno since September 1999, and is the only department on the university map of Greece focusing on sound and music technologies, as well as the science of acoustics. It has been recognized both in Greece and abroad for having demonstrated its ability to provide quality education and produce high-level research; and
  • the Department of Music Studies, which we aspire to see produce academic results as soon as possible, within the time limits set by the Government Gazette issue detailing its establishment.

The purpose of the School, as determined by the subjects and individual goals of its Departments, is the production of new knowledge through research, and the promotion of education in the broader fields of Music Technology, Acoustics, Audiovisual Technology, and also Music.

The main principles of the School are as follows: continuous monitoring of scientific and technological developments; constant improvement of the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and student welfare; development and support of cutting-edge research; and also outreach and contribution to society.