Emmanuel Trantas

Research Fellow
School of Agriculture
Technological Educational Institute of Crete


Contact Information:
Τel: 0030 2810 379441
e-mail: mtrantas@staff.teicrete.gr




Emmanuel Trantas is a graduate of the School of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds an MSc and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology from the University of Crete. He continued his postgraduate studies in the School of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, TEI of Crete.
His main research interests include Metabolic Engineering in microbes and plants, Genomic Analysis of Organisms seeking mechanisms for the biosynthesis of bioactive compounds, Molecular Genetic Enhancement of plant organisms, and Molecular Microbiology and Plant Pathology.

Contact Info
Tel: +302810379472
e-mail: mscagro@staff.hmu.gr
Web: www.hmu.gr/mscagro