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Dean’s Offices

A Dean’s Office comprises: a) The Dean of the School; b) the Heads of the Departments; c) Students’ representatives and their deputies at a percentage of 10% of all members of the Dean’s Office in cases a and b. Student representatives consist of at least one (1) representative of the undergraduate students and one (1) in total of the postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. d) Three (3) representatives, one (1) per category, of the members of the Special Educational Staff (SES), Laboratory Teaching Staff (LTS), and the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel (STLP) of the School, who are elected along with their deputies.

School of Agricultural Sciences
F. Ververidis, Professor
Tel.: 2810379400
Email: ververidis@hmu.gr

Ioanna Frantzi
Tel.: 2810379410
Email: ifrantzi@hmu.gr
Email : secr-sagris@hmu.gr
Dean’s Office Composition

School of Economic and Management Sciences

Stylianos Papadakis, Professor
Tel.: 2810379600
Email: spap@hmu.gr

Avraam Xylouris
Tel.: 2810379610
Email: axilouris@hmu.gr
Dean’s Office Composition

School of Health Sciences

Georgios Markakis, Professor
Tel.: 2810379500
Email: gmark@hmu.gr

Maria Pervolaraki
Tel.: 2810379510
Email: pervolaraki@hmu.gr
Dean’s Office Composition

School of Engineering

Emmanouil Karapidakis, Professor
Tel.: 2810379889, 2810379793
Email: karapidakis@hmu.gr

Georgios Savvakis
Tel.: 2810379710
Email: secr-sceng@hmu.gr
Dean’s Office Composition

School of Music and Audiovisual Technologies

Efthymios Bakarezos, Professor
Tel.: 2831021908
Email: bakarezos@hmu.gr

Eleni Zymvragou
Tel.: 2831021913
Email: secr-smot@hmu.gr
Dean’s Office Composition