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The H.M.U. is particularly active when it comes to conducting research. The University’s research policy focuses on basic, technological, or applied research that promotes science and development, while respecting academic ethics. At the same time, it promotes cooperation with national and international educational and research institutions. As a result, a wide network of research collaborations has developed, which is continuously supported through the implemented Research and Development projects, the cooperation with Research Centers of international prestige, as well as the interaction and cooperation with corporations and the private sector in general.

The H.M.U. has achieved top performance and recognition among its peers.

Students have many opportunities to actively participate in research and development programs.

A significant number of research and development programs are being realized in the H.M.U. under the management framework of the Special Research Fund Account and the Research Committee. These projects strengthen basic research, research applications, and innovation in general, while assisting in the dissemination of H.M.U.’s research results to society and industry. They also significantly contribute to the creation of a connection between research and education, as well as lifelong learning and training.


HMU’s Research Strategy

In addition to recognizing the need to encourage research based on scientific curiosity, HMU’s research strategy also focuses on supporting innovative interdisciplinary research. Its main goal is the achievement of immediate, medium-term, and long-term benefits to our national society, economy, and humanity in general, always in full alignment with our fundamental values.

HMU’s research policy focuses on creating a culture of quality and excellence. It therefore requires the development of an atmosphere of cooperation as well as the realization that the contribution of those who wish to participate is much more effective following discussion and communication. This policy is based on:

respecting specialized knowledge while promoting the removal of any obstacles impeding cross-fertilization;
supporting the production of new knowledge, both within and between the scientific fields and disciplines it pertains to;
facilitating collective and collaborative work practices in order to create new opportunities and prospects, and achieve a higher level of research.

Our quality policy centers on the internal organization of the University’s research units, and is based on the implementation of quality systems that guarantee the production of high-quality scientific research through procedures that are constantly improving.

Our excellence policy motivates our human resources and encourages the achievement of scientific distinction of researchers in all fields. Rewarding high individual performance, creating new research teams, and establishing an environment conducive to innovation are all components of our excellence policy.

As a result, the University’s research policy focuses on basic, technological, or applied research that promotes science and development, while respecting academic ethics. At the same time, it promotes extensive interdisciplinary collaboration with local, national, and international educational and research institutions. The goal of the HMU’s research policy is to:

support Basic and Applied Research;
promote excellence in our research teams and laboratories in order to achieve research results worthy of international recognition;
establish an appropriate research environment for all HMU researchers, taking actions to support the submission and management of research projects, the creation of larger institutional infrastructure, and the acquisition and protection of intellectual property;
support research and other activities centering on technology transfer and dissemination of knowledge to other public research bodies or to society in general;
support the competitive response of the HMU when claiming funding.

HMU’s Researchers are currently involved in extensive scientific activities in collaboration with foreign research teams, which have led to results of great significance and have contributed to the development of internationally recognized innovative products.

The funds from the Research – Development Projects amounted to approximately €20 million in 2013-2015, an amount that is greater than the Regular Budget and Public Investments added together.

The above information proves that the HMU has kept its high status in the research field among other Greek Higher Education Institutes. However, it is the important distinctions of the members of HMU’s teaching and research staff in the international stage, as well as those of its students, that constitute the most convincing evidence of the impact of the research conducted in the laboratories and research units of the University.

The Basic and Applied Research at HMU focuses on cutting-edge research in the following fields: engineering sciences; health sciences; agriculture and environmental sciences; materials science; exact sciences; economics sciences; humanities and social sciences.

HMU’s Research Committee, in collaboration with the University’s Administration, has designed and is gradually promoting a set of tools and actions for the implementation of its research strategy and the utilization of any achieved results, including:

Institutionalization of research structures;
Internal funding program for research purposes;
Strengthening research teams to participate in international organizations or to achieve laboratory certification (e.g. to obtain ISO certification);
Supporting conferences and other actions to promote the results of projects when deemed appropriate;
Active participation in regional and national activities and actions (e.g. representation in regional bodies);
Promotion of inter-enterprise cooperation with research institutes and bodies;
Active support of Researchers involved in the Research Infrastructure of the “National Roadmap” and other international actions of high readability and importance (flagships).
Provision of effective support to researchers who attempt to create start-up (spin-off) companies in selected areas.

At the same time, HMU’s Research Committee is constantly making efforts to improve the operation of the Special Research Fund Account Service, aiming at providing more effective support to Researchers in their attempt to attract funding and manage their Research and Development projects.

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