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According to the current legal framework as per par. 12, 13, 15, 19, 23, and 24 of Law 4485/2017, the Senate comprises:

The Rector
The Vice-Rectors
The School Deans
The Department Heads

Student representatives with an annual term of 10% of the total number of Senate members for cases 1 to 4. Student representatives consist of at least one representative of the undergraduate students and one in total of the postgraduate students and doctoral candidates.

One (1) representative of the Laboratory Teaching Staff (LTS) of the University
One (1) representative of the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel (STLP) of the of the University
One (1) representative of the administrative staff of the University

Senate Composition 2020

Nikolaos Katsarakis

Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Emmanouil Drakakis
Finance, Planning, & Development Thrasyvoulos Manios
Administrative Affairs Nektarios Papadogiannis
Research & Lifelong Learning Christos Floros

School Deans

Agricultural Sciences Filippos Ververidis
Economic and Management Sciences Stylianos Papadakis
Health Sciences Georgios Markakis
Engineering Emmanouil Karapidakis
Music and Audiovisual Technologies Efthymios Bakarezos

Department Heads

Agriculture Dimitrios Gkoumas
Accounting and Finance Dimitrios Kyrikos
Business Administration and Tourism Alexandros Apostolakis
Management Science and Technology Konstantinos Panagiotakis
Nursing Evridiki Patelarou
Social Work Konstantinos Vasilakis
Nutrition and Dietetics Vasileios Zafeiropoulos
Mechanical Engineering Dimitrios Katsaprakakis
Electrical and Computer Engineering Athanasios Malamos
Electronic Engineering Antonios Konstantaras
Music Technology and Acoustics Ilias Potamitis


Laboratory Teaching Staff (LTS)  Evangelos Markakis
Special Technical Laboratory Personnel (STLP) Anastasios Tsatsakis
Administrative Staff Antonios Pantelakis
Student representatives have not yet been nominated.


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Tel.: 2810379348

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