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ATHENA European University

ATHENA is a federation of mid-size Higher Education Institutions in seven European countries. It draws on their combined strengths to reach a common objective: deliver high-quality education with a positive impact on research, youth employability and social advancement at the national and European levels.

Achieving this objective is possible with a holistic, inclusive view of education and an assertive branding strategy. The launch of joint research and educational projects will enhance synergies between HEIs and stakeholders, foster research quality and impact, boost the competitiveness of the submitted proposals, attract funds to support its programmes and fully leverage the network’s infrastructure and scientific potential.

“We aim to deliver inclusive, innovative, high quality international education permanently aligned with global market needs”

The network’s educational and research priorities will be informed by and aligned with the respective European priorities and needs. The introduction of joint multidisciplinary modules and curricula, supported by blended and actual mobility schemes, will break down any possible scientific and cultural barriers to mobility

University Members:

  1. Polytechnic Institute of Porto
  2. Niccolò Cusano University
  3. University of Maribor
  5. Hellenic Mediterranean University
  6. University of Siegen
  7. University of Orléans


Contact Person: Associate Professor Konstantinos Petridis
Academic Head of the International Relations Office

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