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The Directorate of Informatics and Library

The Directorate of Informatics and Library is responsible for the operation and upgrade of the provided services in Informatics, Telecommunications and Networks, and in the HMU Library. More specifically, the Directorate oversees management and support of Informatics System, supply of computer and network equipment, and user support. In addition, it manages the HMU Library and its upgrading, the expansion of its collection and access to digital sources, and it also collaborates with other academic libraries.

It primarily aims at the effective management of administrative services and at assisting the educational process by employing current ICT systems. It drafts and evaluates the Directorate’s annual budget and keeps records of the digital infrastructure. It actively pursues and participates in funding programs targeted to improve and upgrade its digital services and equipment.

The Directorate of Informatics and Library includes:

The Department of Information Systems Management


The Department supervises installation of systems and applications, user training, and ICT support services. It looks after file security, access and confidentiality, IT systems troubleshooting and recovery. Moreover, it is responsible for equipment and software supply and their efficient operation, as well as for developing, maintaining and upgrading the university website, including the websites of its units.

The Department of Educational Process Coordination and Support

It is responsible for notification and record-keeping of all new decisions and/or amendments in the operation of the university’s administrative and academic Departments. It processes statistical data evaluation and coordinates the services and offices of all Departments ensuring their proper operation. It updates the central website on matters regarding study programs, it standardizes administrative documents and procedures and provides information on issues related to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The Department of Telecommunications and Networks



The HMU central Library supports the educational and research program of the university and meets the literary requirements of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It has a rich and fully automated collection of physical and digital publications, organized according to international standards.


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