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“We welcome you to the Hellenic Mediterranean University, a new, dynamic university, that actively contributes to the international academic community.

Our goal is to provide you with current, comprehensive, quality education, as well as with all the necessary tools to advance your professional career. To achieve that, we systematically work on updating our Departments’ curricula to cover a wide range of contemporary scientific fields with high career prospects. At the same time, we constantly improve our student welfare services to facilitate your adjustment to the academic environment and to ensure that you have a productive and enjoyable life in the HMU.

We wish you success in your studies and happiness in your new life choices.”

Prof. Nikolaos Katsarakis, Rector of the HMU

Today the HMU includes 5 Schools and 11 Departments. In the microsite you will find information on all HMU Departments along with audiovisual material. To book an online meeting, please fill in the e-form.

The HMU Assets

  • Updated study programs;
  • Member of the ATHENA European University (more here);
  • In 2021 it offered scholarships (€2500 per semester) to applicants with the highest exam scores;
  • Continuous progress on research, in comparison to other universities in peripheral areas;
  • The HMU Schools are directly related to national and regional development projects;
  • The HMU Departments offer study programs in (unique) fields that are not included in the curricula of other universities in Crete or southern Greece;
  • Internships and better networking with the market, in comparison to other Higher Education Institutes in Crete;
  • High employment rates of our graduates;
  • 15 Postgraduate study programs in all Schools;
  • Close interaction, collaboration and synergy between professors and students, in comparison to other massive Higher Education Institutes in Greece;
  • Increase in the number of research and educational faculty members during the recent years;
  • The largest student residencies;
  • Secure and complete investment program for the further development of the HMU infrastructure;
  • The HMU Departments are located in the beautiful towns of Crete, giving all the opportunities for an unforgettable student experience!

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