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Ensuring and improving the quality of Higher Education is the concern of all Member States and Higher Education Institutes of the European Union.

The evaluation of said quality is achieved through the systematic documented and detailed assessment, highlighting, and recording of the work of the Higher Education Institutes, by employing objective criteria. It is also achieved through the critical analysis and discovery of any existing weaknesses and deviations in relation to the academic profile described in details in the provisions of the applicable law.

The construction of the European Higher Education Space and the strategy for the development the European Higher Education Institutes presuppose the existence of procedures and systems to ensure their quality.

In Greece, the evaluation of universities and the relevant implementation procedures were institutionally established by Law 3374/2005. Over time, the administration of the HMU has shown particular eagerness towards ensuring and improving the quality of the work and results produced by the University. The goal is to record said work/results and address any inadequacies that are found in relation to the mission and objectives of the HMU; i.e. to provide quality services to students and society as a whole.

The evaluation criteria and indicators are determined in relation to the following components:

  1. Education Quality;
  2. Research Quality;
  3. Quality of study programs;
  4. Quality of other services (administrative services, student care, ICT infrastructure, management transparency, etc.)

We consider this evaluation to be a tool employed in the HMU’s strategic planning and development, as well as a means to ensure the quality of studies and services provided to our students.


Fell free to call the Q.A.U. office at 2810-379177.

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