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We welcome you to the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), a new, qualitative, extroverted University with a strong international presence.
Our goal is to provide you with modern, comprehensive, quality education, as well as all those supplies that will help you in your professional career. To this end, we work systematically to update the curricula of our academic Departments so that they treat broad, modern scientific subjects with important professional perspectives. At the same time, we are constantly upgrading our student care services so that your integration into the academic environment is smooth and life in it is pleasant and constructive.
We wish you a pleasant time of studies and urge you to take advantage of the opportunities and stimuli of the environment that will be offered to you. We wish you to be satisfied, happy and creative in this new season of your life.

Professor Nikolaos Katsarakis, Rector HMU

Active Students




  • Updated and up-to-date curricula
  • Member of the European University ATHENA (more)
  • For 2021, it offers remunerative scholarships (€2500 / semester) for the first successful candidates in HMU Departments (more)
  • Constantly rising position in research compared to other regional universities
  • HMU’s Schools are directly linked to targeted objects of national and regional development
  • HMU’s Departments offer studies in (unique) subjects that are not covered by other Universities in Crete or Southern Greece
  • Delivery in internships and better connection with the market compared to other Universities of Crete
  • High absorption rates of graduates in the labor market
  • 15 postgraduate study programs from all Faculties (more)
  • Significant osmosis of professors and students in relation to the large Universities in Greece
  • Increase in faculty members and teaching staff in recent years
  • It has the largest student residence
  • Guaranteed and integrated investment program for the further development of HMU’s infrastructure
  • HMU’s Departments are located in beautiful cities of Crete, with a good quality of life and possibilities for an unforgettable student life
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