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Research laboratories

1. e-Business Intelligence Lab
2. Tourism and Entrepreneurship Research Laboratory (TenLab)
3. Laboratory of Accounting and Financial Management (LAFIM)

4. Laboratory of Health and Road Safety (LaHeRS)
5. Laboratory of Epidemiology, Prevention and Management of Diseases
6. Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Approaches for the Enhancement of Quality of Life (Quality of Life Lab)

7. Centre for Plasma Physics and Lasers (CPPL)
8. Laboratory of Telecommunications and Electromagnetic Applications
9. Laboratory of Electronic Circuits and Automation (EASYLab)
10. Laboratory of Computer Technology (CompuTech)
11. Design & Manufacturing Laboratory
12. Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology
13 Laboratory of Water & Soil Recourses Quality Control
14. Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemical Processes
15. Laboratory of Renewable Energy Engineering (LR2E)

16. Laboratory of Crop Production & Propagation Material
17. Laboratory of Biological & Biotechnological Applications (La.B.Biotech.A)
18. Laboratory of Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering
19. Laboratory of Dietetics & Human Body Composition (DietBody)

20. Wind Energy and Power Systems Synthesis Laboratory
21. Laboratory of Precision Machining and Reverse Engineering (PMRE Lab)
22. Laboratory of Energy and Photovoltaic Systems (LEPS)
23. Center of Materials Technology and Photonics
24. Control Systems and Robotics Laboratory (CSRL)
25. Laboratory of Applied and Interactive Computing (LATICE)
26. Laboratory of Media, Networks and Communications
– Μultimedia Group
– Pasiphae Group
– Networks and Distributed Systems Group
– Network Security Group
– Sensor Networks Group
– Non-Ionizing Radiation and
– Electromagnetism Applications Group
– Realistic Animation Group
27. Intelligent Systems and Computer Architecture Lab (I.S.C.A. Lab)
28. Laboratory of Applied and Computational Mathematics
29. Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering  Lab (AISE)

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