Postgraduate Programs

The H.M.U. provides postgraduate education through integrated study programs in the fields of Management and Economics, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Health Sciences. More specifically, the postgraduate programs offered are as follows:

  1. Hospitality and Tourism Business Administration (School of Economic and Management Sciences)
  2. Financial Management (School of Economic and Management Sciences)
  3. Sound and Music Technologies (School of Music and Audiovisual Technologies)
  4. Master in Geoenvironmental Resources & Risks (School of Engineering)
  5. Energy Systems (School of Engineering)
  6. Electronic Telecommunications & Automation Systems (School of Engineering)
  7. Informatics Engineering (School of Engineering)
  8. Advanced Production, Automation, and Robotics Systems (School of Engineering)
  9. Lasers, Plasma, & Applications  (School of Engineering)
  10. Organization and Management for Engineers (School of Economic and Management Sciences and School of Engineering)
  11. Applied Science and Technology in Agriculture (School of Agricultural Sciences)
  12. Advanced Clinical Practice in Health Sciences (School of Health Sciences)
  13. Environmental Protection Technologies (Offered by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete in collaboration with the School of Engineering of the H.M.U.)
  14. Inter-Foundational Postgraduate Program (IPP) on “Nanotechnology for Energy Applications” (Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering and Department of Electronic Engineering of the H.M.U; Department of Chemistry and Department of Materials Science & Technology of the University of Crete and the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Institute of Technology and Research)
  15. Accounting & Auditing (Accounting and Finance Departments of the School of Economic and Management Sciences of the H.M.U., and Accounting and Finance Departments of the School of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia)