Services provided to students

Dearest students,

We would like to congratulate you on your success and wish you a great beginning in this new important chapter of your life. We are pleased to welcome you to one of Greece’s largest and most dynamic universities.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools that will enable you to contribute to your community, as well as to society as a whole. To this end, we keep systematically working on updating our curricula to meet the needs of modern science. We all make every effort to ensure that your adjustment to the academic environment is smooth and that your life is productive and enjoyable.

Through your effort, you have earned the right to join a remarkable school. From now on, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunities and stimuli you will be offered in this new environment.


Nikolaos Katsarakis,
Rector of the H.M.U.


Go online...
Online services

Feel free to use all the tools provided by the my.TEIcrete service to your advantage. This service is the result of the unification of all electronic services of the entire H.M.U. academic community. Immediately after your registration, you will have your personal account’s activation data at your disposal, giving you access to services regarding your student pass, books, courses, notes, email@edu. All relevant information can be found at


Be informed...
Accommodation – Food Services of the Student Welfare Department

Make sure to learn about the conditions and criteria required to obtain a Student Food Card in time, so that you can enjoy your food free of charge at the restaurant of the H.M.U. You could also secure a room at minimal cost at the facilities of the Student Dormitory, which is located in Heraklion and can accommodate up to 300 students. An equal number of positions have also been provided – based on the number of students hosted – in the facilities of the Schools and Departments of the other prefectures of Crete.

Central Library – Book Rental Services

Attend the relevant seminars that are organized on a regular basis, and, as now trained users of the library information system, search and immediately locate the references dictated by the educational and research requirements of your curriculum, as well as various other services that facilitate your studies. All services (book rental, inter-lending) and materials (books, articles, magazines, databases, etc.) are available online to every student from one end of Crete to the other. Specialized information sources are also provided by the regional departments and libraries of the TEI of Crete, covering all fields and subjects of study.


Sports, Entertainment, & Culture Services

Exercise daily at the “Markos Karanastasis” indoor gym using its modern sports equipment, and learn about the option to participate in sports teams such as: Football (Soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Shooting, Martial Arts, Chess. Similar teams that are active at a regional level have also been established on the initiative of the students of the Departments or – in some places – in collaboration with other Foundations that cooperate with the TEI of Crete.

Develop new interests or cultivate your existing ones by participating in the groups (radio, theater, music, photography, hiking, film group or motorcycle club, etc.) that are active within the framework of cultural associations and are dependent on the passion and devotion of some students with a restless spirit and creative tendencies.


Be healthy…
Healthcare Services (University Clinic)

Explore the possibility of obtaining a health booklet by visiting the University Clinic, which is open daily from 8:00 to 14:00 in the main building of the School of Health Sciences. Ask the specialized scientific staff (occupational health medical practitioner (OHMP) and nurse) working there about the medical examinations required in case you want to participate in any sports activities that are free to join for all members of the academic community. Remember the phone number 2810 379166 for any emergency that can be treated immediately at a primary treatment or prevention level.


Learn about the CPSC

The Counseling and Psychosocial Support Center (CPSC) is a new institution available to all members of the University Community. Its purpose is to help people better adapt to the educational process, which can be rather difficult for some either due to personal difficulties or due to the stressful conditions created by the educational reality itself. The services are provided completely free of charge and are governed by a strict protocol of privacy and medical confidentiality.


Plan your future...
Career & Employment Services 

Plan your future... by using the various services offered by the Liaison and Internship Office, the ultimate goal of which is to support your career and ensure your best possible integration into the labor market (postgraduate studies, scholarships, distance education programs, etc.).

Liaison Office

Refer to the Office’s career and employment website, which is updated every day, and attend the events it organizes focusing on education, provision of professional information, and counseling (career counseling workshops, career days, etc). You can also visit the Office in person and discuss your plans and concerns on a more personal level with a qualified career counselor.

Internship Office

Look for open internship positions both in Greece and abroad. Internships constitute an institutionalized compulsory part of any curriculum and play a decisive role in the future career of the students. It offers them a unique opportunity to come in direct contact with the workplace; to use and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired; to form a more realistic picture of the labor market conditions and work environment they are going to enter; as well as to set professional goals, and flexibly and effectively manage the labor reality in fields that are in line with their academic profile, interests, inclinations and skills.

Student Mobility Services of the Department of Public & International Relations

If you wish to participate in exchange & mobility programs in EU countries (Erasmus+), where you can carry out part of your studies or internship, you should seek the opportunities created through the collaborations of the TEI with other educational institutions abroad and learn about the conditions and eligibility criteria in time.