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International Workshop “The Cretan Diet as a Way of Life – Olive Oil”

International Workshop “The Cretan Diet as a Way of Life – Olive Oil” at the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics of HMU in Sitia

The Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), in the context of its cooperation with the universities of the United Kingdom, jointly organized with the University of Coventry/Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, from 25 to 28 April 2023, in the Department of Nutrition & Dietetic Sciences, in Sitia, the International workshop: “The Cretan Diet as a way of life – Olive Oil”, which concerns one of the most emblematic issues of Greek identity.

The Cretan Diet is a combination of lifestyle and diet traditionally associated with longevity and good health. In terms of diet Cretan Diet includew the consumption of olive oil as a primary fat.

19 British and 11 Greek students participated in the international seminar. Topics discussed included: “Cretan Diet: a journey from Minoan times to evidence-based therapeutic nutrition, Cretan dietary pattern, health benefits of olive oil – accepted health claims, quality of olive oil, attitude of European olive oil consumers , European eating habits, etc.”.

More information about the International Workshop can be found at the link:

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