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Internal Quality Assurance System

Ensuring and improving quality in Higher Education is the responsibility of all Member States and all Higher Education Institutions of the European Union.

Each university is committed to the creation and maintenance of an Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) with the aim of achieving high quality in its operation and the continuous improvement of its educational and research work. It aims at the efficient operation and performance of its services, in accordance with international practices, especially those of the European Higher Education Area and equally the principles and directions of ETHAAE.

The evaluation consists of the systematic, documented and detailed assessment, highlighting and recording of the work of Higher Education Institutions, using objective criteria and the critical analysis and identification of any existing weaknesses and deviations in relation to their academic character, goals and mission, as described in particular in the provisions of the applicable legislation.

The construction of the European Higher Education Area and the development strategy of Europe’s Higher Education Institutions presuppose the existence of procedures and systems to ensure their quality.

Quality Assurance Structures

The main structures for quality assurance procedures are, at the national level, the National Authority for Higher Education (ETHAAE) and at the university level, the Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) and the Internal Assessment Teams of the Academic Departments (OMEA).

ETHAAE ( is an independent institutional body with administrative autonomy, which is supervised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs to check the legality of its actions. Its mission is to support universities in carrying out procedures aimed at ensuring and improving the quality of their work, guaranteeing the transparency of procedures, promoting research on related issues and informing the State and institutions about modern international developments and trends in this field.


The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is a staff body established by decision of the Foundation’s Senate to coordinate and support all quality assurance and evaluation procedures.

 MODIP acts as an advisor to the Administration and is the central body for the coordination and support of the University’s quality assurance procedures, through the Internal Quality Assurance System (IAS).

This aims to develop a culture of quality in the academic community, to carry out a systematic and correct evaluation of the University’s work and, in addition, to formulate actions and strategies for quality improvement and strengthening of education and research.

Composition of MODIP HMU

Emmanuel Drakakis, Professor, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, President
Andreas Anastasakis, Lecturer of the Department of Accounting and Finance, Member
Konstantinos Vassilakis, Professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Member
Konstantinos Loulakakis, Professor of the Department of Agriculture, Member
Nikolaos Lydakis – Simantiris, Professor of the Department of Agriculture. Member
Nikolaos Ricos, Assistant Professor of the Department of Nursing, Member
Evangelos Markakis, EDIP representative, Member
Sofia Vardakis, ETEP representative, Member
Erofili Tzanaki, representative of Administrative Employees, Member

Administrative and secretarial support:
Kalliopi Divini, tel. 2810379177

Internal Assessment Team (OMEA)
The Internal Assessment Team (IAG) is defined by the Academic Unit by decision of its Assembly and is composed of distinguished faculty members of the Professor and Associate Professor ranks, preferably with experience in quality assurance procedures. In OM.EA. also participates a representative of the students, appointed by the competent body representing them.

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