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International distinction for the Institute of Plasma & Laser Physics of the Hellenic Mediterranean University

International distinction for the Institute of Plasma & Laser Physics ( of the University Center for Research and Innovation of the Hellenic Mediterranean University. The research paper “I. Tazes, S. Passalidis, E. Kaselouris, I. Fitilis, M. Bakarezos, N.A. Papadogiannis, M. Tatarakis and V. Dimitriou (2022). A computational study of the magnetic vortex acceleration from near critical density gas jet targets optically shaped by blast waves, High Power Laser Science and Engineering, (2022), Vol. 10, e31, 15 pages, doi:10.1017/hpl.2022.16”, was awarded as “Excellent Article for the 10th Anniversary” of High Power Laser Science and Engineering (HPLSE), of Cambridge University Press (CUP) & Chinese Laser Press (CLP).

The award ceremony took place in Suzhou, China, on October 18, 2023. The award was received by the Head of the Public Diplomacy Office of the Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai, Mr. Dimitrios Foukis, who represented the Greek research team at the official ceremony. The research work carried out at the Institute directed by Professor Michalis Tatarakis, under the supervision of the head of the computational research team, Professor Vasilios Demetriou, concerns the computational demonstration of methods of compression of gaseous targets, capable of supporting experiments and applications of proton acceleration in the critical plasma density region, using super-powerful lasers. The international committee among many research papers chose that of the Institute of Plasma & Laser Physics describing its quality as excellent, with insightful analysis of methods and results and with a strong impact in the field of super-powerful lasers and their applications.

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