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The Department of Accounting and Finance is headquartered in Heraklion and offers a Study Program that is able to critically approach both Accounting and Financial Science, with the support of related disciplines such as Economics, Business Administration, Law, and Informatics. The goal of the Scientific Staff of the Department is to prepare top-level scientists, capable to meet the current requirements of companies and organizations in both the private and public sector.

In addition to the Undergraduate Program, the Department also offers two Postgraduate Master’s Programs (MSc): a) “Accounting and Auditing”, which is four academic semesters in length and has been designed and developed jointly with the respective Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Macedonia; b) “Financial Management”, which is three academic semesters in length, and has been designed and developed independently. These two MSc programs have decisively contributed to the academic development of the Department and have earned the positive response of academics and production organizations both in Greece and abroad.

Within the framework of the European Higher Education Mobility Programs, students of the Department can go abroad to complete part of their studies or internships, and return with important life experiences. Some may even choose to stay there for postgraduate studies or work.

The integration of the graduates of the Department into the labor market is particularly important. A significant majority of them (more than 85%) are employed in the private sector in jobs related to their studies. For instance, they work in positions related to a company’s financial management; in accounting departments of certain companies; in accounting and tax consultancy firms; in internal company auditing; as external auditors; in the analysis of investment decisions; dealing with loan and insurance risks; as financial and insurance consultants, etc.

For more information please visit the Website of the Department.