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Nowadays, business and organization executives are required to have interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of management and economics, given the radical changes that have taken place in traditional entrepreneurship, traditional decision-making, and marketing.

The Department of Management Science and Technology offers three majors: (a) Organization and Business Administration; (b) Data Science and Information Technology; and (c) Digital Marketing and Communication. It is therefore able to provide knowledge in contemporary fields that do not exist in the curricula of other Universities in Crete.

The department forms part of the School of Economic and Management Sciences, which is also based in Agios Nikolaos. The high-level research conducted in the Department and its collaborations with other Universities, as well as FORTH, is strengthened by the establishment of the Institute of Economic Analysis, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism in its premises.

It is a modern, interdisciplinary, and competitive department, designed based on the current needs of the market. It combines management science with new information and communications technology, marketing, and organizational studies. For this reason, its graduates end up having a competitive advantage in the labor market, not only within Greece but also in the now global business environment.

The department is housed in 5000 sq.m. facilities in Laconia, Agios Nikolaos, which include modern computer and web infrastructure.

For more information please visit the Website of the Department