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The 4th International Workshop Advances on Photocatalysis at HMU

The 4th International Workshop Advances on Photocatalysis is taking place at Hellenic Mediterranean University, from 25 to 28 July 2023, in Heraklion. It will takes place in hybrid format (remote ability to watch lectures with online streaming).
What is photocatalysis? A green technology for the degradation of substances, based on chemical reactions activated by light.
The conference places particular emphasis on the environmental and energy applications of photocatalysis and focuses on its experimental and theoretical aspects as well as its applications in environmental rehabilitation, green chemistry, solar fuels, medicine, agri-food, aquaculture, etc. The ultimate goal of the conference is an extensive discussion between academia and industry on the field of photocatalysis.
The conference is co-organized by institutions from Europe, Asia, Africa and America and involves 60 researchers from all over the world. Visit the conference website here: <code>_@0@_

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