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The Hellenic Mediterranean University hosted its main international event in Chania, Greece (15th – 19th of May, 2023)

The Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) has prioritized very high into its strategic plan its internationalization: student & staff mobilities, double & joint degrees (undergraduate and postgraduate), international mobility, blended intensive programs (BIPs) and online international activities. Internationalization activities are very important for the university since promote its programs & research, provide more learning opportunities for its students, facilitate the cooperation of its researchers & academic teachers with respective colleagues within its international network. 

The main communication channel with its international network is the organization of its international week, which for ten times is hosted by the Department of Electronic Engineering in Chania, Crete. The objective of this event is to blend our colleagues with scientists on abroad to discuss new pathways of collaboration and discuss good policies on topics targeting the Internationalization of Higher Education. 

The 10th international week’s main topic was the development of soft & research skills. The latter are considered the essential competences for the sustainability and development of our graduate students within the Market but also the skills will make the difference in the human – machine era we are entering.  The innovative character of this year’s event included the following: 

  • The physical part of an blended intensive program which engaged the participation of 65 students from Greece, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland.
  • The participation of 20th trainers that delivered lectures and workshops in soft and research skills.
  • The organization of a round table in the Internationalization of Higher Education delivered by academic experts but also ESN International students.
  • The organization of ten invited lectures in the level of popular science in topics linked to the Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Deep Learning, the Computer Vision, the social impact of AI, the Design Thinking & Scrum in Higher Education and the importance of Virtual Exchange as a promoter of more mobilities.
  • The organization of a university fair where 20 Institutions discussed with the 220 participants (without counting the Greek participants) their internationalization activities /actions. 

The event took place in collaboration with the ATHENA European University Alliance, which core member is the HMU. One of the highlights was the participation of 30 students and 20 academics from the alliance network. The next ATHENA Alliance international event will take place in Sitia from the 25th – 29th of September, 2023 (1st ATHENA Technology Forum).


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