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The Institute of Emerging Technologies of HMU is a member of the consortium of the INFRACHIP project

The new European infrastructure of research facilities “INFRACHIP” as a means to accelerate the development of emerging semiconductor Chips in the EU, offering free access, technical support and training to European scientists.

The INFRACHIP project received the support of the European Union, within the HORIZON Europe funding program for Research and Innovation actions. This ambitious project will facilitate access to the latest generation technologies in the field of semiconductors in order to accelerate research and innovation and meet challenges in line with the objectives set by the EU with the European Chips Act.

The European Union has introduced a set of measures to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem through the Chips Act initiative, which came into effect on September 21, 2023. The proposed actions include investments in next-generation technologies, greater access across Europe to design tools and pilot prototyping lines, evaluation and experimental testing of innovative technologies, and the development and promotion of skills, talent and innovation in microelectronics. These are critical points for Europe to strengthen its Research and Innovation capacity as a global competitor in semiconductor technologies.

In this context, a consortium of fourteen partners, among them, the Institute of Emerging Technologies of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), led by the National Tyndall Institute received funding of 15 million euros for the INFRACHIP project. INFRACHIP aims to implement the first integrated, distributed research infrastructure as a wider European research platform for the sustainable development of next-generation semiconductors.


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