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Visit of the Educational Attache of the US Embassy to Hellenic Mediterranean University

On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, the Educational Attache of the US Embassy had a meeting with the Rector of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), Prof. Nikos Katsarakis. in Greece, Mrs. Shanna Surendra accompanied by an official of the embassy in matters of education and culture. The meeting had an informative and advisory nature with a focus on the University’s internationalization actions and the planning to promote ELMEPA’s cooperation with university and research institutions in the United States.

The Vice-Chancellor for International Relations and Outreach, Assoc. Prof. Konstantinos Petridis, thoroughly informed the Educational Followers about the Foundation’s outreach activities, about the European University ATHENA – in which HMU participates as a founding member – and about the University’s network of collaborations with respective US institutions Also, the Vice-Chancellors of Research and Innovation Prof. Athanasios Malamos and of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Lifelong Learning Prof. Fotios Mavromatakis informed Ms. Surendra about issues of research, innovation and undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, respectively.

Ms. Shanna Surendra stated that she was impressed by the internationalization steps that have been taken by the University and indicated that the progress index of the Hellenic Mediterranean University in terms of internationalization is very high. At HMU, student exchange and summer school programs are already being implemented within the framework of memorandums of cooperation signed with US institutions. such as: Rutgers University, Springfield College, Springfield MA, The Regents of the University of Michigan, University of South Alabama and York College of Pennsylvania.

The Rector Prof. Nikos Katsarakis expressed the wish that the collaborations of Hellenic Mediterranean University with the university institutions of the USA will be extended and consolidated through long-term bilateral agreements that will allow the co-organization of short intensive training programs as well as the exchange of students, researchers and teaching staff.

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