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Visit of the new administration of the Economic Chamber of Eastern Crete to the Hellenic Mediterranean University

An informative visit on matters of cooperation with the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) was held at the Rectorate, on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, by a delegation of the new Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, Regional Department of Eastern Crete. The Rector Prof. Nikos Katsarakis, the Member of the Board of Directors of HMU Prof. Christos Floros, the President of the Department of Accounting and Finance Prof. Ioannis Hatziantoniou, the Vice President of the Department of Business Administration and Tourism Prof. Georgios Xanthos and the President of the Department of Administrative Science and Technology Associate Professor Konstantinos Panagiotakis. On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, the President Evangelos Glakas, the Vice President Georgios Mavrakis, the Financial Supervisor Dimitrios Angelidakis and the Member Stavros Karteris were present.

During the meeting, the Rector Prof. Nikos Katsarakis emphasized the importance of the University’s cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, through the multi-level and long-term cooperation of the three Departments of the School of Management and Economics, in matters of education, training, lifelong learning and scientific studies. He also referred to the substantial contribution of members of the Chamber of Commerce to the certification of the Study Programs of the Departments of the School of Management and Economics by the National Authority for Higher Education (ETHAAE).

The President of the Economic Chamber, Evangelos Glakas, spoke with particularly warm words about the substantial cooperation between the two entities and the close ties that have emerged through joint collaborations and parallel actions at the level of the Region of Crete, which aim to provide scientific information and opinion on economy and development issues in key pillars of the local economy. He also proposed the realization and institutionalization of an International Economic Conference in Crete every year with co-organizers the Economic Chamber of Eastern Crete and the Hellenic Mediterranean University.

Both parties committed to upgrading and expanding their cooperation based on specific proposals that will be launched in the new year with the joint formation of a committee that will propose specific actions and actions of the two Agencies.

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