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The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University is staffed and supported by Academic Engineers with experience in Mechanical Engineering and the training of new candidates.

Its laboratory infrastructure covers various areas of modern technology, such as machine design, development, and construction; robotics; mechatronics; design and construction of large energy projects; design and construction of small wind turbines; biomechanics with medical, sports, and other applications; as well as more specialized topics in the fields of architecture and technology of buildings, air conditioning, etc.

The Department and its dedicated staff consistently pass on this knowledge to their students, alongside the opportunity to realize projects related to research, innovation, production, and social contribution.

The above activities are all based on solid computing infrastructure that is constantly evolving. The research conducted in the Department can be seen permeating all of its activities.

Furthermore, the Department always puts modern technology at the forefront of its educational programs by providing information in regard to the progress of modern industrial and technological production in general, as well as the innovations that have found their way into the market. Our students are encouraged to explore the international field during their studies, taking advantage of every opportunity offered to them to visit other universities, industrial units, and institutes that produce or find applications for technologies that interest them. Within this Industrial environment and at those other Universities, they can find solutions to their worries and plans for life. Students can also conduct research if this is something that appeals to them, and are encouraged to use the Department’s laboratories, as well as those of other departments of the University, to achieve their goals. The main objective of all the staff of the Department is the immersion of each individual student in the international technological reality.

For more information please visit the Website of the Department.

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